Meade ETX Right Angle Finder 30.00; Meade ETX 90 spare motor ( DEC) 75.00; Meade ETx 125 Base no motors or gears in RA; Meade ETX125 Dec Motor 100.00; You can paypal me direct or call with questions ( More parts below*)for parts only. 6. manuals ALL 10 DOLLARS. A) ETX 10.00. B) TOA 130 10.00. C) LX200 CLASSIC. D) ONMI XLT SERIES. To connect an LX200 to a computer you need a special cable. You can sometims buy one from the company that makes the software you're Making a Dual Cable. Though they are labeled as "Unused" in the LX200 manual pins 2 and 6 are actually an extra RS232 port (pin 4 is a common ground). . "/>Meade lx200 manual